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    Hey guys,

    After installing Enfold, I made some structural changes to functions.php and style.css. I want to update to the new version of Enfold, and don’t want to find out where my edits are and what they were, and manually apply my changes again. I was wondering if I could get around this by doing the following:

    – Install the child theme I downloaded from the Envato page.
    – Copy/paste the content of Enfold functions.php and style.css to the Child theme files
    – Then update Enfold to the latest version

    Will this circumvent losing any changes I’ve made?



    You can try it without losing anything:

    1. Rename your current version of Enfold to something like enfold_old.
    2. Upload the child theme (with functions.php and style.css modified).
    3. Download and upload the latest version of Enfold with the folder name of enfold.

    This way if things go wrong, you can simply switch between your old modified version of Enfold and the latest one, renaming it.

    Best regards,


    Ok, I’m setting things up to try this, but in the CSS file of the child theme I read the following:

    * This file is only in your themefolder for WordPress to recognize basic theme data like name and version
    * CSS Rules in this file will not be used by the theme.
    * Instead use the custom.css file that is located in your themes /css/ folder to add your styles.
    * You can copy a style rule from any of your css files and paste it in custom.css and
    * it will override the original style. If you just want to add small css snippets you might also
    * want to consider to add it to the designated CSS option field in your themes backend at: Theme Options->Styling

    Does this mean if I copy/paste the css from my edited enfold stylesheet, this css will not be applied?

    My grasp of the steps to follow at the moment:

    – Copy/paste all content from my edited enfold functions.php and style.css to the same files of the child theme
    – rename enfold in the WP editor to enfold_old
    – upload child theme and activate it
    – Upload new enfold version

    Is this correct?



    The child theme style.css should have something like this:

    Theme Name: Enfold Child
    Description: A <a href=''>Child Theme</a> for the Enfold WordPress Theme. If you plan to do a lot of file modifications we recommend to use this Theme instead of the original Theme. Updating wil be much easier then.
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Kriesi
    Author URI:
    Template: enfold
    /*Add your own styles here:*/

    You can add the css modifications below.



    This method sounds pretty safe for changing to a child theme. I am unclear on where you rename enfold to enfold_old? Would this be in the themes folder on the ftp? or somewhere else?



    That is in case you want to save your customizations that you have done to the theme files. What I would do is zip it up and save it to your desktop. You can find that area in your WordPress theme directory, /wp-content/themes/.



    Hi Elliot,
    I am changing to a child theme, But I already made a lot of changes to the theme. So I made the child theme according to all the advice I got here.But I need a way to secure I can always return to what I have now. The way suggested here sounds good because I could always go back to the child to the enfold_old. Is it possible to lose all the layout builder info when you changes themes?



    All options should stay intact including the advance layout builder content. Please refer to this link on how to properly move to a child theme:



    Hi all,

    When you import the theme settings from the parent theme, does that include all the page builder pages? I have built multiple pages using the page builder and have saved several templates. Would all this be important as well or only the settings within the theme options panel?


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