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    I can’t switch the “Avia Layout Builder” off, to see the [Shortcodes] in the “Default Editor”.
    The “Default Editor” only shows that there are XX Words, but it’s a plain Text-Box. I found
    a workaround (which is kinda messy, but works).

    A) Switch “Avia Layout Builder” off –> Blank Text-Box with XX Words counting
    B) Switch “Default Editor” to Fullscreen –> Still Blank Text-Box
    C) Close the Fullscreen again
    D) Back to “Default Editor” with 0 Words counting
    E) Undo the Content change, via the Default “Yellow” Dialog at the top
    F) And now we have the [Shortcodes] in the “Default Editor” :)

    But this seems like a bug. Is there a known Bugfix?

    Greez Jens


    Hey Jens!

    No, this is the intended behavior for the advanced layout editor. It doesn’t actually save any data into the pages visual editor and instead saves all of the data into a custom field on the page.

    Using one or the other on a page should clear out the contents of the other or at least you risk doing so when saving.

    If you really want to see the contents of the advanced layout editor you can add this to your functions.php:

    //set builder mode to debug
    add_action('avia_builder_mode', "builder_set_debug");
    function builder_set_debug()
    	return "debug";

    Just be careful since the data is saved directly to the database.



    My aim is to have sections and other things inside of tabs.
    Sadly the current “Avia Layout Builder” can’t do that,
    but via [shortcodes] in the “Default Editor” it’s possible.
    And the Enfold Templates works well with that nesting, too.
    My Test: Tabs > 2 Columns (1 Text / 2 Bars) .. no issues so far.

    It would help if I could access all shortcodes within the RTE.
    Is that somehow possible? There are only 3 available now.

    Greez Jens


    But why could I see a “Words” counter at the lower left?
    And why douse the workaround, work?

    Where is the benefit, in not enable a “native” way? :)

    Greez Jens



    The “work around” working is a bug. It is not intended to do that as a means of keeping the whole process a bit more secure from a single error breaking a whole long layout.

    You can still modify tab content via the debug field and then save to have it reflected but those elements that are not available from within the individual pop ups are not yet supported to be nested inside other elements.

    Eg, tabs within tabs or accordians within tabs may/will still have cross browser bugs or responsive bugs that we have not yet worked out.

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