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    I see that my blog page looks less than perfect on IPad 2 – Portrait – (Enfold is perfect, my pages aren’t always!)

    1. I have blog page with sidebar.

    2. My post featured image stays to the left instead of moving ABOVE the post, which would be preferable.

    3. My sidebar stays to the right, but gets very thin. On Mobile/Responsive, typically the sidebar goes to the bottom.

    So…I have basically a featured image, then a post content, then a sidebar.

    To me, on SMALLER screens, that should be

    Featured Image (above)
    Post (below)

    Featured Image (above)
    Post (below)

    Sidebar (bottom)

    The url is http://

    I note the sidebar even looks somewhat skinny on 768 width, too.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again for any assistance your brain trust can provide!


    Hey CharlieTh!

    link you have provided is not working for me. Please check.

    Open separate tickets for different questions please.

    Can you send us screenshots/mockups showing what you want to achieve please? you can use or dropbox.

    Best regards,


    Sorry about the link.

    I will separate out the questions, Andy…just thought would be easier to answer them since all are on the same page.

    Sorry again.

    Thanks for your reply.



    Glad Andy could help! Shall we mark this thread as resolved? :)



    Frankly, now that I look more carefully at the post, I’m confused as to HOW to separate out the parts.

    The question (perhaps confusingly) is asking about a blog with a sidebar. It is about how the blog interacts with the sidebar.

    Do you want each of my numerals, which were put in there to hopefully make this description clearer, in separate tickets?

    Let me know and I’ll pull out the parts.

    Thanks for ALL your wonderful help.



    use separate tickets for different questions. If you think they are directly related to each other, then it’s fine to post them into one thread.
    As already said: link you have provided is still not working. Please check and let us know when you are ready, so we can take a look.

    Best regards,


    Hey, Andy, thanks. Think you’ll find the link is up and at em now. Apparently host having probs with Linux server. Says is solved.

    Could you take a quick look (again, sorry).

    If I have confused you with my question, I’ll try and restate.

    Looking at Responsive Design View in Mozilla, I see oddity at about 768 width.

    At 768, I have “in effect” 3 columns…an image, a content block, and a sidebar. This isn’t REALLY 3 columns, it just LOOKS like that.

    Smaller displays shove the right sidebar to the bottom.

    This 768 width makes the sidebar stay to the right — but it’s like only one word wide!

    I was wondering if I could FORCE the sidebar to the bottom somehow. Or if you have another suggestion that might work for me?

    Thanks for taking another shot at this.

    BTW…SORRY…I put in an extra http in the URL! No wonder you weren’t arriving!

    The link should be



    is this happening on other browser for mobile as well? like Chrome or Safari? because unfortunately firefox mobile is not supported, due too little demand.

    Best regards,

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