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    Hello Support,

    I am writing about the homepage of

    I just did a theme update and now the Color Section element on the homepage is distorted. What is strange to me; if I am logged in as an ADMIN, I see the element/page load correctly.

    Do you see what the issue is? I tested with both Chrome and Firefox; both up-to-date.

    correct loading of element - logged in as admin

    element loading for general public

    I placed Admin info in Private Content.

    ~ Greg


    Hey Greg,

    I can see the issue only when I’m not logged in so this looks like a plugin conflict. I attached a screenshot in private content field.

    Please firstly update Enfold to the latest version 5.6 ( and check if that resolves the issue. If it doesn’t, please try deactivating all active plugins to see if it’s a plugin conflict. You can then activate them one by one to find the culprit.

    Best regards,


    Hello Yigit,

    Updating to the latest theme version fixed the issue.

    It is strange that the theme did not show as needing an update via the Dashboard > Updates when I posted.

    However, all’s well that ends well. This ticket can be closed.

    Thank you,
    P.S. and I am grateful that I didn’t need to go through the plugin madness… gw



    Thanks for the update, I’m glad that you managed to solve your problem. I’ll close this thread for now then, please open a new thread if you should have any further questions or problems.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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