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    is it a bug? Or not migrated yet? My Support-Favorites are gone! :-(



    PS: Congrats to the new look ;-)


    Hi Boris,

    I think they didn’t migrated, mines are gone too, i’ll tag Kriesi in the meantime.



    Hey Boris! It seems the import script was unfortunately not able to migrate those favorites, I am very sorry for that :/

    Hope its not too much trouble to find what you marked as favorite :/
    Best regards!



    well, it was a nice history of posts, and I used it as a quick reference, every one in a while. So If you could try and run the script again… That would be nice. Or is there a link to the old page? Then I could look them up instead of trying to remember which they where ;-)
    Or give me some screenshots of my listings ;-)




    I am afraid its much more complicated than that :) The old forum was a using completely different software and the conversion script had to run for more than 2 hours to import it into the new system.

    I am not even sure if at this point it would be possible to retrieve those favorites without a few hours of work. :(


    I was afraid, you’d say that ;-)

    I will survive!



    btw: how do I close this topic?


    Closed :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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