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    Hi Guys, my name is Kenny Steele. I am a web dev that is taking over a recently developed web site using your ENFOLD theme. Unfortunately, the theme was NOT purchased by the site owner but instead by the web developer I am replacing. This of course is now a problem as I need support on the theme but do not have access to the license on file. I do however have the account name and API key that identifies the account.

    (see private content)

    This site was built on an VPS user account at the hosting company which is overkill for what the client/website owner needed for a single site ecommerce webpage. So, I have moved the website to an appropriate host account with a new dedicated IP address and re-installed the SSL certificate. Since then everything looks to be in place except the product page product image and thumbs are missing. I see no call for these images in Inspect Elements, nor do I see any errors that would specify what the issue might be ??? and desperately need to get this site back up and running as expected. Your support team would be the correct avenue to help get this fixed but as stated I currently have no copy of the license key. Options?


    Hi Kenneth!

    Have you figured it out already? Product images show up fine on my en on product pages.

    I am afraid the only way to get full support and theme updates is by having access to a Themeforest account which was used to purchase the theme.

    The easiest way would be to get in touch with your developer and ask him for the purchase code and an API key. That would allow you to create a forum account here (one that got access to more than the pre-sale question area) and would also allow you to update the theme from your backend.

    If you cant get in touch with your developer for whatever reason, you can also try to contact Envato support and ask them if its possible for them to credit the purchase to a Themeforest account of your own:
    However this will probably only work if your developer already sent you a payment receipt or something similar for the purchase.

    Last option would be to create a themeforest account of your own and use it to re-purchase the theme.

    I hope one of the first two options works out for you, but unfortunately we can’t help until we have a valid verification that the theme was purchased properly. This is necessary for us, since there are quite a few people out there who don’t buy the theme on themeforest and instead download it for free on illegal file sharing sites and then even have the audacity to ask us for support.

    Sorry for that!




    Hi Yes, apparently the other dev has installed a plugin that provides an option to hide the product images and when I switched the site from the VPS to a Pro Hosting Account the options were cleared to the default state… all better.
    Thank you for the detailed reply. I am working to retrieve that license key now…. if the other web dev fails to provide the key I will have the site owner make a new purchase. In the meantime I think I am ok to continue without.

    best regards, “K”



    Great your got it solved.
    We will be happy to answer any other question that might required!

    Thanks a lot


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