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    I’ve been using the Enfold theme professionally for a long time and I consider it the best theme on the market.
    It’s really possible to earn money by developing websites with the theme.
    But we always discover some problems that make our job a little more difficult.
    For this reason, I decided to post this topic, since I didn’t find any link to send suggestions.

    Suggestions for improving the Enfold theme:
    1. The area for inserting extra CSS should occupy an entire tab, since it is used a lot after i finish my websites. I insert a lot of CSS styles, mainly for the responsiveness control on tablets and mobile.

    2. Scroll down to anchor links don’t work properly on tablets. This problem has been around for a while and has never been resolved. We have to add extra code on all sites to solve it. When we click on a link in the main menu that scrolls down to an anchor link, the stopping point is never the right one.

    3. On some tablets, the drop down submenu in the main menu never disappears, even after we click on the link. This is also an old problem.

    4. There should be a separate tab for Top Bar styles only where we could choose background color and fonts, links and hover, behavior…

    5. The options for automatically changing the style of the media queries (Eg.: changing the font size for viewing on mobile) do not work properly. I always test my websites on desktop, notebook, ipad 2, ipad air 2, samsung mobile and iphone 6 and have to do everything with extra CSS.

    6. When we remove categories and tags from posts, the separator bar keeps showing and we have to use extra CSS to remove them.

    I think that’s it…


    Hey Felipe,
    Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the suggestions, and for using Enfold. I have submitted them to the dev team for review.

    Best regards,

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