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    Hi support,

    Today Enfold suddenly changed predefined color scheme…….I guess it was to the default version having green colors etc.

    So I tried to restore the latest backup (Updraft) of the theme and database, resulting in a website having the default version installed. Normally I am using “Enfold 2017” and all my quick css was gone. I clicked on “Enfold 2017” in General styling, but my work was gone :-(

    Why Enfold suddenly changed theme I don’t know and I even didn’t click “Save all changes” but still the default predefined version got loaded. I am very sure that I didn’t click on anything, so I think there need to be better “security” on this part.

    Why my restore of the database and theme didn’t load the exact AND correct version of my work and the theme including setting, I don’t know.

    From time to time I do export theme setting, but have backups done every day, then I don’t do it that often. However when I tried to import theme settings, then Enfold again “turned on” the default predefined color scheme.

    Any help to avoid things like this in the future?

    PS – now I have MANY hours of work ahead of me to get back to the starting point of this day.

    Best regards,


    Hey OKEI,

    First of all, we are sorry you are having such an issue.
    Not sure why it happen, and it is a strange issue.
    We will do some tests to see if there are problems when we import / export and we will do report those to our developers for external check.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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