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    while everything has been working perfectly fine until today a sudden problem with my logo appeared.

    On Firefox the logo is completely pixelated while on Safari and Chrome it still looks OK.

    The same problem occurs on a single page of my website with an image in the fullwith-slideshow.

    To me, it seems that firefox somehow gets stuck within the scaling process!

    I have deactivated all plugins, cleared the browser cache, but the problem still persists.

    Any help highly appreciated. I can send u guys my website and login data vial e-mail or webform but I would not want to make it public.

    Thx in advance

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    i have just reinstalled the enfold theme. error still occurs :-(



    I have just checked your website on Firefox, Chrome and IE on Win7 and this is how it is on my end
    Have you tried on another computer?



    Hi Yigit,
    thanks for your quick reply. Meanwhile I decreased the native logo size in photoshop so that firefox does not have to scale down my logo / images. Further, I have set a fixed logo size in the quick css.

    However, when I upload large images that get scaled down by the firefox browser, the rendered images still look horrifying. As mentioned before, everything went well for months. I wonder whether a certain plugin or setting has messed up the code that is designated to tell firefox how to scale down my pictures.

    Is there any chance that you can check my code for flaws?

    Thanks again


    so….can i expect any response?
    i really need to upload larger images so that people can zoom into my website and still see high quality images.

    once again: there must be a flaw that is preventing firefox from rendering properly when scaling images down!!

    i have not made any manual adjustments to the code, so please if you can support me somehow…that would be great.

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    The logo looks fine on Firefox 24.0 Windows 7. What OS are you testing this with? Can you please remove the browser cache then reload it again? This is the screenshot of your logo on Firefox.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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