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    Hi guys, I’m trying to move the submenus from the hover-dropdowns to another section underneath the main menu, but above the page title.
    so, from this :
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    to this
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    In the example, Affiliations, Awards, etc are children of Practice. Ideally, this list should be populated with the children of the current page automatically.

    Normally, i can do these things myself, but Enfold is a lot more complicated than previous themes :)


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    You can use the MegaMenu columns functionality to make the submenus appear horizontally:



    Thanks Josue, i know of megamenus, used them quite a bit.
    What i wanted is different because i want the submenu to be displayed all the time, not just on hover.
    Essentially adding another <div> between the menu div and the title+breadcrumbs div. Or putting this inside the menu div.



    This mod would require a lot of coding and unfortunately that’s something we can’t cover, i’ll provide you the files involved so you can try doing it yourself:

    Look for the aviaMegamenu function located in line 894.

    If you need to put a empty div to store the submenu items you should do it here, around line 131.

    An idea would be to try to move the submenus to an empty container when hovered via JavaScript + additional style fixes could be handled by CSS.

    Best regards,


    Great thanks.
    Just had another idea… enfold has this option where for pages that have sub-pages, a sidebar menu is added automatically. Essentially, all i want is to move that menu below the navigation menu. Could you please tell me which files handle that automatic sidebar sub-menu ?



    functions-enfold.php file, look for the avia_sidebar_menu function around line 938.



    That was quick :) Thanks Josue, that’s what i was looking for. It’s lines #820 to #873


    You are welcome, always glad to help :)


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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