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    Sub menu on our site – afa.org.sg & gayhealth.sg takes some time to load, and it loads all the way to the right side of the screen before the css kicks in and forces it within the boxed site.

    It also doesn’t look very nice in a mobile platform. can’t we have the sub menu over flow to the right and left instead (i.e. apple’s mobile site) of just wrapping the content in the div? It also doesn’t float in a mobile platform. which kind of defeats the purpose of making navigation simpler and quicker.


    Hi vin8tan!

    I couldn’t see any CSS issues when loading either of your sites, it might just be a temporary thing?

    I’m not exactly sure I understand what you mean by the sub menu not wrapping correctly on mobile, could you provide us with a screenshot highlighting the issue please?

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    While the submenu wraps correctly, wouldn’t it be more elegant if the height is fixed, and it overflows to the right of the screen allowing users to scroll through it, instead of taking up half the page when the menu gets a little too long, or have another button within the page to load the menu.

    The floating sub menu doesn’t float on a mobile device too. I’ve tried this on Chrome and Firefox on Android and Safari on iOS.

    I’ve tried to implement this custom CSS,

    .responsive #top .av-submenu-container {
    	top: auto !important;
    	position: relative !important;
    	height: auto;
    	width: 2000px;
    	overflow: scroll;

    however, i think the main wrapper interferes with the overflow here and the menu only overflows vertically and not horizontally.

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    I check both of your websites on mobile but there is no such submenu as shown in your screenshot. Did you remove it?
    Your website loads pretty fast for me and I can’t see any issue. Could you fix it?

    Let us know if you still need help.



    nope I haven’t fix that yet.
    have a look it at http://afa.org.sg/whatwedo/advocate/sac/9th-sac-archive/



    can you please show us with a screenshot how you want to convert it?



    Well, if you can look at the submenu bar where you can toggle between web / image / video etc…
    so it’s just one bar, and users can scroll through the option instead of the unsightly chuck of menu as it is now, it’s not sticky when in mobile mode, any idea how i can fix that too?

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    You can actually set the fullwidth sub menu to display a button on mobile devices. Edit the element then set the Mobile Menu Display to the second option.



    Hi Ismael,

    i’ve tried that, but would really prefer to have a scroll so that there won’t be two buttons (1 for the main menu, and one for the sub menu) on the same page.

    Would there be no way to activate a scroll on mobile devices?



    not sure what you mean, though I think you need to contact a freelance developer for further customization. You can contact one here: http://kriesi.at/contact/customization



    Hi Andy,
    as you can see, first image is how the submenu looks like on a mobile site or screen size smaller than 720px, the menu becomes one chunk of text.
    if i activate button on mobile, i get two humburger buttons, one for the main menu, top right corner, and another for the submenu. Doesn’t make sense for the user to have two sets of humburger menu in one page, and more-over, the submenu doesn’t float or becomes sticky on a mobile platform.

    I guess i will have to hire a freelance developer to look into this, but it seems like a very basic function that the theme should include or have fixed since it was included by the developers at Kriesi, and not a function or plugin i choose to include on my own. That being said the support i’ve received from Kriesi have been fantastic so far.

    Thank you very much for all your time.



    can you provide us a precise link where we can see the issue? then we could try to inspect the elements and see if we can do anything to be able to show a submenu as shown in your first screenshot.


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