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    Hi there,
    there is an option to copy the Email template provided by the theme in Woocommerce options.
    My question: Is there any information/documentation on how to style that template? Is there any way to have a preview of that template?

    I am having some trouble to adjust colors, footers, and site width of the template sent as order confirmation.
    any information of how to style those templates?
    thanks in advance



    Hi aovivo!

    This is out of our support scope but we are more than happy to point you to some helpful resources so you can achieve what you are looking for..

    Please check these links

    Customizing WooCommerce Order Emails

    Vinay Kashyap


    Ok. Thanks for the response, however none of those tutorials address the issue with the widt of the template.
    I approached you because I though that the themes template (provided by Enfold) was something that I could alter as needed.

    thanks anyway.
    my best regard


    Hi Pedro,

    Ok, please let us know if you should need any more help on the topic.

    Best regards,


    Hi folks,

    i’ve same problem as described here. I want to custize form and content of my WC emails, but it seems that my enfold child theme doesn’t care of what happened in my “/themes/MyChildTheme/woocommerce/emails/” folder.

    I know that enfold doesn’t use the wooccomerce template override for the classic template, but if i understand what it says here, it could be done for the email templates.

    Could you confirm me that please ?

    thanks for your help.



    Yes, you can override the template in a child theme. Which specific part of the email template are you trying to modify? Maybe, you’re editing the wrong file.

    Best regards,

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