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    Hey I need to make font and image changes in the styling section. It saves the changes but does not update them. I am using the child theme. Any work around?







    I tested this on my end with the child theme turned on and the Enfold > Styling is working fine.

    Do you have a caching plugin? or any plugin for that matter?




    Yes I do have a catching plugin. I disabled it and it still did not update. I decided to use the google font plugin to get it to update.


    Hi progenki,

    First, please don’t self bump or just respond with question marks like the above. Our queue system works by the oldest posted response within a topic so each time you do that it just puts your post to the end of our queue.

    For your issue, it sounds like its either a caching issue or a permissions issue on the file the theme creates to store all the css from the styling tab. Make sure the avia folder in your uploads folder has at least 755 chmod permissions as well as the file inside it.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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