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    I have installed enfold with WP3.6 and found that when I make changes ( Enfold >> Styling ) to things like the footer background colour the Main Content background colour it does not always take effect. Sometimes I can make one change but not a second. ie if I change something to blue it works fine but if I then change it to green, it remains blue.

    I have:

    1. Cleared cache (even checked changes on other computers)

    2. Loaded a second version on the same server (different directory and db) but with WP3.5

    I have not tried changing any CSS or installing a child theme.

    Some server details:

    cPanel Version 11.38.1 (build 15)

    Apache version 2.2.25

    PHP version 5.3.26

    MySQL version 5.1.63-cll

    Architecture i686

    Operating system linux

    Perl version 5.8.8

    Kernel version 2.6.18-408.8.2.el5.lve0.8.61.3

    cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1)



    Edited for spelling


    More information:

    I still have not been able to get it to work on the above server but I loaded an example of it onto a 1and1 account and it works fine with both WP3.5 and WP3.6.

    Is it perhaps a compatibility issue with PHP? I don’t know much about these things but is there maybe something I need to put into a .htaccess file?





    Please increase the wordpress php memory limit, edit wp-config.php then add this code:

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

    You can ask your host to do it for you.




    I have now tried upping the memory limit in wp-config.php but the problem is still there.

    It seems like I can change the bg-colour of something like the footer once but then cannot change it again for a day or two. Enfold>>Styling>>Footer

    (eddited to add) I haven’t tried many other settings/changes so don’t know if the problem also happens in things like font or layout changes.

    I have also re-checked that it is not a caching issue.


    Hi Grow,

    Try going to your wp-content>uploads folder and changing the chmod permissions on the files the theme creates there. The styles you set are all saved to the css file so if the file/folder isn’t writable then it wouldn’t be able to actually stick.




    Thanks for the help.

    Uploads is currently on 755. What should it be, 775?


    Try everything up to 777. It shouldn’t need it, but I’ve run across some servers that do.

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