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    Hey there,

    I have read several posts about this, but none seem to explain how to enable the Avia editor on this page.

    I wish to style this page, but there is no “edit page” available and the page doesn’t seem to have any unique IDs that I can hook into. And I don’t want to create a separate archive.php page from scratch.

    How do I style this page?

    Blog: https://itsoncraft.com/blog/
    Author page: https://itsoncraft.com/author/emil/

    Setting the blog layout to Grid doesn’t do a thing.


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    Hey Emilvillumsen,

    It’s not possible to style that template through the builder unfortunately. What changes are you looking to make?



    Hm, that’s sad.

    It needs a big overhaul. It’s a mess really.

    I would start by:
    Removing the title bar
    Remove the sidebar
    Center the post archive
    Make a separate between the posts
    Include images in the post previews
    Justify the text sections




    I’m sorry but you cannot use the advance layout builder for the author page. You need to modify the author.php and the includes > loop-author.php file. Or do a 301 redirect from a specific author page url to a page created with the advance layout builder.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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