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    On my site http://rerral.com the styles tab doesn’t seem to be working at all. I have been trying to change the alternative color and a few other little bits. I have cleared the cache on both my caching plugin and on browser, tried different computer and mobile devices but still no changes.

    I am running Enfold as child theme so there could be an issue there. The set up is:

    enfold-child theme as provided by Kriesi on a child theme video.
    Then within the child theme I have copied over the style.css (which is still empty), the CSS folder and functions.php.

    Not really sure what the problem could be but any help is greatly appreciated, even if it just pointing me to where I can change the style manually.

    Thanks :)


    Hi Torlock,

    You don’t need to copy over the css folder since you aren’t registering those files in the child theme.

    Go to your uploads folder and look for the avia folder that theme has created. Make sure its chmod settings are at least 755 and the files inside of it as well (should be enfold.css).

    That is the file the theme writes to when you modify the settings in the style tab.




    Hello Devin

    Thanks for the help, I have deleted the CSS folder from the child theme and changed all the permissions to 755 as mentioned. I then saved the style changes and cleared the cache but still no changes.

    Also, I don’t know if it is relevant by within the dynamic_avia folder in uploads there is enfold.css, enfold-child.css and index.php.

    Also 755 unchecks writing permissions for group and public is this correct?

    Thanks :)



    I tested this on my end using a child theme and the Styling tabs works ok. Have you tried selecting a “predefined color scheme”? See if it works.



    Hello there.

    I just tried a predefined color scheme however that still doesn’t seem to work. The only that seems to work when changed is the box or stretched layout but no styling.



    Try changing the enfold-child.css file to 777 permissions and see if it works then.


    Hi, thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately this doesn’t work either.



    Can you please list specific elements that you want to change? What version of Enfold do you have? Please deactivate all plugins.




    I am using version 2.1.

    I just deactivated all plugins but the styles still didn’t work.

    And I wish to change the primary & highlight colors for the header, main content and alternate content.


    Try checking with your hosting provider and see if they can assist in just checking the permissions for the css files in the avia uploads folder in your uploads. I’ve seen this happen before when the child theme gets a weird admin/super user permissions so its worth a quick check.


    Hi there,

    I shall do this but unfortunately my hosting provider is not exactly renowned for great service. Could you possibly point me in the direct off how to change these styles manually as a tempory fix?

    i.e. the css for changing the primary & highlight colors for the header, main content and alternate,

    This would be of great help.




    You can add the following on the Quick CSS or custom.css:

    1.) Header

    .header_color .header_bg {
    background: red;
    color: white;

    2.) Main Content

    .main_color {
    background: gray;

    3.) Alternate

    .alternate_color {
    background: blue;

    Best regards,


    Hello thanks for the codes but i’m looking to change the primary and highlight colors for bold fonts/links and so on· For instance the green on the search button or the green when you hover over an image.

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