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    Hi there,

    is there a possibility to access/alter more style options for the new google maps media element via .css?
    I would like to play around with the hue-, lightness-, saturation- and gamma-parameters of the googlemaps-api.

    Thanks in advance…


    Hi doa!

    Google does not allow you to change the styles with css. You can modify the enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\google_maps.php if you want to add new options or use the avf_gmap_vars filter to add custom js code to the script output. The api ( ) is quite complex and I suggest to hire a developer if you’re not an experienced php/js coder.



    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the fast reply and your helpful hints.
    Since i am more a design guy, i think this will be a bit to difficult for me, but i’m gonna try it anyway :)

    Best regards,



    Me again : )

    Would it be possible to integrate a hardcoded value for lightness and saturation in the “_applyMapStyle: function()” in the shortcodes.js ?

    This seems for me to be the easiest way to gain a bit more control over the style of the map. how could i integrate a fixed value for this variables (lightness and saturation) in this function? or am i totally wrong at all?

    any help would be appreciated…

    thanks :)



    That kind of customization is outside what we can assist with via support as Peter mentioned above. The api/configuration is fairly complex and while it might be a quick fix it could also lead down a road of continued bug fix/issues which is best handled by a freelance developer.

    Best regards,


    Fair enough : )

    Thanks for your reply…

    Best regards,


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