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    I’ve tried looking up other threads to avoid creating multiple topics.
    However, I still can not figure it out.

    When I add things like grid rows, color selection, and image to 1/2 cell and other element containers, my pictures are usually cut off.
    The grid row reaches the end of the screen but it us usually cut off (you can see an example on my websites home page.

    And when I add images to 1/2 cells it will not reach the end of the page.

    I want to achieve an “About Us” ( http://kriesi.at/themes/enfold-shop/about/ ) with all the pictures and text beside it.
    Thanks Guys!


    Hey brettb112,

    It’s not clear what exactly you are trying to achieve. Would you mind posting us a screenshot/mockup of what you would like to achieve? You can upload the screenshot to imgur.com or dropbox and share the link here :)

    The example link from enfold demo you provided uses a special heading inside a color section with background image and a overlay color.

    Best regards,


    Vinay – I think Brettb is trying to accomplish something similar that I am.

    When I set up a color section with a background image, like you did in the enfold demo, I can’t get the background image to stretch to cover the full color section. See image here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g3mp0wa4cinjj7i/image.jpg?dl=0

    How do you get the image to stretch the full width?



    Hi Jason,

    Did you try to set the Background Image Position and Background Repeat element options to something like Stretch to fit? If that doesn’t work then please post admin login details in private and we’ll have a closer look.



    So I need the picture in my “About” page to display underneath my header.
    Here is a current picture of where it is: http://imgur.com/a/gPY6J
    Here is a picture of where I want it to be: http://imgur.com/a/TyqpR

    Also here is a picture of a series of Grid Row pictures on my Home page. For some reason they are being cut off. I am not sure why?
    Picture of Grid Row Problem: http://imgur.com/a/QgGo8



    Grid Row Background-Images! there is no Content in it so you only see those 30px each on top and on bottom height.

    So if you like to insert those images as background-image with no content in it you can play with padding top/bottom

    on you about us page i can not see that you have set “stretch to fit” option in enfold dialog.


    @fusiontechnic : i did not see any background image in that section- i quess you removed it.


    thats strange.
    In my grid row (inside the 1/3 cell), there are custom background images inside of it. It is the one that is cut off (shown in the 3rd picture).
    Is there a proper/different way to insert the image?
    I usually click edit cell, then insert background image. Is this correct?
    Thanks Guenni


    on the third 1/3 cell there is no image inserted:

    A background-image by default has no height!
    The container height is determined by the content and the padding!
    it is not determined by background!
    accept – you declare a background-size

    Link to Edit Cell Image

    as you can see – if you don’t want to give that cell a custom css – and if you don’t want to have any other content in that cell – you can manage it by setting up top and bottom padding high!

    The better way seems to be you give those cells (the first will be enough – because cells are displayed table-cell) a custom class

    and make for those cells a quick css rule

    .cellwithoutcontent { 
    height: 40vh !important
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    so is this a background image? The picture inside the cell here? http://imgur.com/a/d0Wyp
    And ok ill give that article you posted a try and see what happens.
    I would like to achieve something similar to the “About Page” on the Enfold Demo : http://kriesi.at/themes/enfold-shop/about/
    Im not the best with CSS but ill see what I can do to get the image bigger and in the right place.

    Thanks again for your help Guenni, its very appreciated :)


    Hi @brettb112,

    Ok great, let us know if you should need any further help :-)

    Best regards,


    Hey Rikard, unfortunately I still can’t figure it out.
    This is a picture where I would like my image to be re-located ( on my”About Page”) : http://imgur.com/a/TyqpR

    Also on my home page, my grid row is still being cut out. Why is this?



    Please check the link in private I have setup a colorsection with the background image that stretch full width. make sure to use the background position as stretch to fit as shown in the below screenshot.

    Best regards,

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