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    if you assign an Youtube link to an object (e.g. immage) in Layerslider this object always slides in from top, regardless of the transition type choosen. With other links like everything is okay. The problem is that I have a playbutton in layerslider assigned to a Youtube video via link and I want this button to fade in slowly like the words “Click here…”

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    Hey melonmelon!

    You can hide the youtube link using or :)



    no, this does not work. My intention was to open the video in Youtubes player. If you shorten the URL a click on the play button only opens the “normal” Youtube page where you see alll the stuff.
    This is a bug in the Layerslider plugin, I also tested it with Viimeo: same behavior…..

    If you take the complete link it opens in Youtube player but transitions don’t work:

    If you link to transitions work but the link opens the “normal” Youtube page…

    And what’s even stranger: in the preview everything’s okay….

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    The funny thing: another user did exactly the same:
    and there it works correctly….

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