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    On the website http://www.alextomaszewsi.com

    When we shrink the browser, this is what we see:


    The client does not want to see any black bars on the top and bottom. He would like the website to STOP being responsive when it reaches a certain specific dimension – Is it possible? Is it also possible to customize these dimensions for individual pages to allow for different image sizes?

    Thanks again for your help!

    *We are aware that you can change the settings to make the website responsive when it reaches a certain dimension I.E: 1140px, but is it possible to stop it from being responsive when it reaches say 200px?



    Hi Ben!

    Your website does not load on my end. As far as i remember, you are using LayerSlider on your landing page. Please try using Color Section or Fullscreen Slider instead and you would not see black bars.



    Hi Yigit,

    I’ve created a new duplicate page with the Color section (changing background to image) http://www.alextomaszewski.com/test and it looks great, but now the problem remains with the links. In my earlier topic listed HERE you explained how to make my layers “glow” or change background upon hover. What element would I need to use to be able to do the same thing with a color section? I am unable to insert the advanced layer slider inside the color section which makes it impossible for me to place the layers on top of the writing in the background to achieve the same result as above. , so what can I do instead?



    are you talking abut this social media buttons?

    Right now you are using one big background image, but if you want to make the social media buttons clickable, you would need to add them as an own element. I would recommend to you to use the blue color as background-color for your color section and everything else you can build with the other tools in the Advanced Layout Builder (text tool, image tool, etc.). This way you could add your social media buttons as images, which could link to where ever you want.

    Hope this helps.



    Hi Andy,

    In fact I am talking about those buttons, but please note that the background image contains those pictures yes, but they are not the ones that I am trying to link. I have already added “layers” for each social media icon, and I already know how to make the icon glow upon hover since Yigit answered that in another post. The question now is how do I get them to glow different colors? The code entered in Quick CSS originially affects all layers in the advanced layer slider on the page (389) in this case. but if I want facebook to glow a different color than IMDB, I would need to define the layer as a new ID in attribute and customize the css for that one layer using the ID correct? But I am unsure on how to do this exactly.



    We’ll close this thread now. We’ll continue this on the other thread: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/change-image-upon-hover-in-advanced-layer-slider/#post-439469


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