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    Updated today to Enfold 2.4 and still no Blog Posts or Posts Slider Content on Homepage. Seems, that it is broken since woocommerce upgrade to 2.017.


    Enfold 2.4.1 and woocommerce 2.0.18 update today:

    still no Blog Posts and Posts Slider on homepage



    Please don’t create duplicated post. Did you try to recreate or reinsert the Blog Post element?



    Only posting twice brought me a response! And please don’t ask the same basic question every time.

    Yes, Ismael, I deleted the old posts slider, put a new into it, saved the page, did the same with Blog Post element, tried all category combinations as search query.

    I deleted the Post Slider element, saved the page, closed page, opend the page in edit mode, put another Post Slider element at bottom of page, selected from three categories and saved page.

    No Posts on homepage.


    Another behavior: I have a page with no woocommerce content on it and put for testing reason a Post Slider on that page: It works!

    Even if I put as on homepage a product slider on that page. Hmm … Does it come on homepage, because it is set to as homepage?




    Do you mind creating a temporary admin login and posting it here privately?

    Best regards,

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    Can you try deactivating all active plugins except for WooCommerce? I did not want to do it on your live site. I have the same layout with both Enfold and WooCommerce up-to-date and it works on my installation so it is not compability issue.



    Well done, only Woocommerce is active and Enfold. Still doesn’t work on homepage -> see at bottom



    It does not output blog related elements for some reason. I tried adding Blog Posts element, it did not work as well. I tagged rest of the team, maybe i am missing something here.

    Best regards,


    Well Yigit, I have tested it too and found this: I had created another page as I wrote above in another post under the page:

    There I had some AVIA elements too and I put for testing a Post Slider and a Product Slider on that page. It showed all elements, no problems. A few minutes ago after I read your fault message, I selected that page in Enfold as homepage. And viola, all is fine, no problems, all components are there.

    Maybe there is a bug in one of the AVIA elements at my homepage.

    I did find a few bugs in there as for example I could not setup a tabs element – every time I saved a part, I lost all content in there, so at last, the tab was empty.


    I found the bug:

    I had setup a product slider and selected sorting by relevance – after I changed that to sorting by date the bug went away!



    Glad you fixed it Adrian! Let us know if you have any other questions or issues :)

    Best regards,

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