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    Hello everybody!

    This is a chrome only issue!

    I installed the latest enfold Version 2.4.4 and I am trying to use a sticky/fixed sidebar. Therefor, I installed the q2w3 plugin:

    But there is an issue with displaying it. Whenever there is a slider on the page (or some other jquery going on) the sidebar “flickers”. It disappears and reappears in a certain interval. The interval is exactly the same interval as the slider-animation. Example: http:// (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    When I have a page, whithout any jQuery, this “flickering” is not present. Example: http:// (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    I searched the forum and found another topic with the same problem ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /#post-169162). I already inserted the advise CSS-snippet:

    .avia_textblock, .avia-icon-list, .avia-button, .avia-testimonial, .iconbox, .avia_message_box, .avia-team-member, .widget, .post, .team-img-container img, .team-social, .iconlist_icon, .fallback-post-type-icon, .fullsize .related_posts, .grid-image, .avia-caption-content, .avia-caption-title, .entry-content-wrapper {
    -webkit-perspective: 1000;
    -webkit-backface-visibility: visible !important;

    But this doesn’t help. As in the other topic the moderator gives the advice to install the newest version – we can definitly say, that this is NOT the solution.

    So what can we do about this? any hekp is very much appreciated!

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    Hi eigenstil!

    I tested both pages on Chrome 31.0.1650.63 (Mac OS X), didn’t see any flickering.



    Ok, I have Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 m (Win 7, x64), and I definitly have this issue. Maybe you have to scroll down to the Region with all the images (Pic on black background). If you stay on the top of the page, there is no flickering going on.

    Please check it again :-)



    Have you removed the plugin? I am also using Chrome 31.0.1650.63 m and win7 x64 i checked your website and sidebar is not flickering but it is not fixed either.

    Best regards,


    Ok, wow – obviously this gets even stranger than I thought :-)

    Thank you Yigit, now I know, this ONLY appears when you are logged in! This is crazy – I could create an account for you, so you can have a look. Just give me your mail-adress :-)



    You can use as e-mail but please post login credentials here privately so other team members can also have a look if needed

    Best regards,

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    hey guys, any news?



    Can you try adding following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

    #text-3_clone { visibility: visible!important; }

    Best regards,


    Thanks Yigit, I added this to the quick CSS and also to my style.css (I’m using a child-theme). But the problem is still there.



    Have you tried contacting plugin’s author? They should have better insight on what could be causing the issue and may point us in the right direction.

    Best regards,


    I didn’t contact them yet. It seems, as if this is an enfold/q2w3 problem only. When I try the plugin in a fresh wordpress 3.8 install with standard-theme, everything works fine.



    As i mentioned earlier, they should have better insight. So please contact them first and let us know what they say. I will keep the thread open


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