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    Adding some more info

    Enfold is not compatible with any of the main builders as elementor, visual composer….

    i do the themeforest refund request as i was told by the support. and more than 5 days later no reply

    im just going to wait one day more before publishing my most dedicated review in themeforest, hopping to help other people to not lose their money like me


    Making me clear here, i want a full refund or will post a very detailed and long bad review in any posible channel.

    Quick why:
    A proyect made in enfold 3 years ago, come to my hands, almost finished. i recomend using a new plugin but client sugest to keep progres done years ago. They lose the license so i have to buy it again.

    Troubles in jquery for updanting (not big deal but..)

    After the update from 4 to 4.7 almost every visual aspect is broken (BIG DEAL)

    In the descriptions you claim one of the best drag and drop builders (im really not going into details in this one)

    i know the shitty refunds policies themeforest have, and probably also you, but i will like my refund.

    therefore as i said, i will put terrible review in all your chanels, socials, and themeforest.

    im just one client but my coments can make a few dont buy you, so please consider my request

    thank in advance, and have a good day


    Hey pelusp,

    Where exactly did you not get any response? You have opened two threads on our support forum, this is the first one: And the second one is this thread.

    Enfold doesn’t support the layout builders you are referring to no, because it comes with its own layout builder. Maybe you could have checked that before buying the theme? Then you wouldn’t have to request refunds and write threads like these.

    If you need help with the theme then please try to explain the problem a bit further, as I can’t make any sense of the quote in your initial post.

    Best regards,


    Where exactly did you not get any response?


    What your coworker say to me:
    Did you make a refund request with Themeforest? We only accept those that way.

    im tired, not going to wait more. worst review you had ever have coming to themeforest


    Hi again mate, that is my “treat” as you claim. I think its not a treat is just a fair piece of information not manipulated as you do.

    Answer before monday or i will hit publish

    It is not a threat. It is sadly the only way to defend myself that I have against your abusive practices

    Worst Buy I Have Ever Done.

    It is my fault for not informing me well before buying, but without a doubt I was tricked into buying it. For the fake reviews and the way of sell it.

    I hope my review help someone to not be tricked as me

    1) Its a theme from 2013 (seo, speed, responsive and compatibility issues)

    2) When updating i lost all the progress done

    2) They didnt reply to the refund request

    3) NOT compatible with any visual builder.

    4)They claim “the best drag and drop editor”.

    IS NOT, FOR REAL. Is a pain in the ass

    5) Lot of Bugs

    6) They claim one fake update, just to promo

    7) FAKE REVIEWS, for sure, no doubt

    8) I have worked with plenty of themes during a lot of years. im an experienced user

    Dont believe me, check the others bad reviews. Its hard to believe that some people put 5 stars and a lot of people put 1 (becaouse 0 is not posible)

    I hope someone read this before buying



    Thanks for the update. All refunds are handled by Themeforest/Envato, as they take care of all sales related matters for us. If they don’t reply to you, then you need to review their service, not our theme. I hope you can see the difference between the two.

    About the things you claim about our theme; you are welcome to have opinions about it, but please back it up with facts. You haven’t included any facts, or proof, in your review.

    Best regards,

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