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    2 years ago you stated you would create the next day a video tutorial on standard installation.

    There needs to be a very easy standard installation procedure to get non technical people up and running quickly and easily. You talk about a drag and drop interface but if it isn’t easy to install then it is useless.

    If you can not create the required videos in 1 day then you can not claim the software is easy to use.

    I installed and configured WordPress in about 30 minutes with no previous knowledge. Why cant I do the same for your themes

    BTW I have worked in S/W houses most of my life and support is what builds you or kills you. Sure you are going to get technical users to buy but the volume is in idiots like me


    Hi dmc4321,

    While the video output has not been great, there are videos created by Kriesi for quite a few of the themes available on the theme demos.

    For Enfold, I’m currently working on this right now. For basic installation, give this one a try:

    I’m using Filezilla as my FTP client and 7zip for unzipping the files as both are free and easily available. I’m a bit quiet so make sure to turn your volume up :)



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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