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    I have noticed that the open/close animation of the mobile menu is quite slow and “jerky”.
    The same animation is smooth if I test it from my desktop computer.
    I have already disabled all plugin and custom CSS/JS. No change.
    Any idea?


    Hi Julien!

    Looks fine on my end. If your on Android make sure your using the official chrome browser.



    Hi Elliott
    I forgot to tell: I have tested with Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, both Android 6.0.1 and Chrome 48.0.2564.95 (all latest, then).
    I just made a few other tests to try and see the source of the problem. I’d say it could be related to the number of items in the menu. If I create a new menu with, say, 10 elements, animation is quite smooth (mine is around 35 I guess).
    Then I tested your Enfold demo from the same devices. Since these demo sites have many items in the menu, the animation is a bit jerky too on Nexus 5, but not on Nexus 7…
    Well, I guess it is related to the power of each device? :s



    If the device does not have a good CPU then the browser could be a bit slower though I think a Nexus 5/7 should not have any issues with that at all. Are your using one of the older generation nexus 5’s?

    Best regards,


    I couldn’t say if it is an old generation Nexus 5. I bought it 2 years ago.
    The Nexus 7 I use is brand new.
    It seems it’s not just “jerky”. When I open (or close) the mobile menu, the mani content shrinks a little while the mobile menu opens. It is not the same and much faster on Enfold demo page.



    The menu works fine on my samsung note however one of the things I noticed is that the background color is set to a different color for the active menu or when the menu is clicked the class is added which changes the menu color. (notice the menu background change from dark to light color when the mobile menu opens).

    CSS will try to re-paint the whole area which simultaneously is also scaling this can affect the performance of the browser and take more time to render and conflict with other animations happening at the same time.

    For testing purpose disable or remove all customization and try then do let us know if it works fine on your device.

    Best regards,
    Vinay Kashyap

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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