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    can the speed in the accordion slider somehow be influenced? Right now the speed of the switch from topic to topic is to great for me to clearly see the images.

    Thanks for any hint!


    Hey keydeelang!

    Your talking about the accordion slider?

    There is no auto rotate on that slider so I’m guessing your talking about one of the other sliders?



    Sorry for the confusion, Elliott:

    I was not thinking of auto rotate speed but of the speed that one part of the slider moves when hovered over, the change like when the curtain opens. That is a bit fast for my taste, how the content comes shooting in…

    THX again!



    Please share the link to the page where we can see the element in question so we can help you better :)

    Vinay Kashyap


    Hello, Vinay,

    thanks for the reply: you can find the link to the accordion slider in Elliott’s post above, and it’s also used in the Builders demo theme/website. What I would like to be able to control is the speed of the different elements moving aside when I hover over them. I’d prefer a speed about half of what it is right now…




    To change the slider speed in the example link please add the below code to Enfold > General Styling > Quick CSS

    Feel free to change the 0.3s to 2s for 2 seconds or any number you like.

    #top .aviaccordion.av-animation-active .aviaccordion-slide, #top .aviaccordion-title-on-hover .aviaccordion-preview {
        -webkit-transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0.230, 1.000, 0.320, 1.000);
        transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0.230, 1.000, 0.320, 1.000);

    Best regards,
    Vinay Kashyap

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