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    Hi guys,

    I’d like to display sortable posts that look like this:

    What’s the best way to go about it?

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    Hey FlatText,

    What do you mean by sortable posts? Where do you want to display them?

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,

    What I meant by sortable is the existing ability to pick Categories and have the posts appear when a category is selected.

    It’s not important for the posts to be sortable, but I am looking to try and customize the look of the posts so it can look like the image I attached.



    you can use Masonry element for it. Maybe also Content Slider would work fine for you.

    Best regards,


    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for the Posts Slider idea. I think I’ll go with that. Now I’d like to change the font for the post title. Link in private content.

    See the posts slider? What’s the CSS to change the font of the post titles?


    Hi FlatText,

    Glad you liked Andy’s idea :)

    Here is the code you can put in Enfold > General Styling > Quick Css,  if it does not work, put into themes/enfold/css/custom.css

    .avia-content-slider .slide-entry-title {
        font-family: "your font here";

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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