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    So my client wants a Real Estate site – we’re using Enfold. We are also using the IDX plugin. The IDX plugin automatically generates pages for Real Estate agents. The pages that are created, however, are formatted like blog posts. I hid the icon and dashes to make it look less blog like but this will be an issue down the line.




    Any idea on how to fix this? On how to make blog posts be formatted like blog posts and these dynamically created pages to be formatted like pages?

    I know you guys don’t support third party plugins, but any thoughts in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi andreanapier1985,

    I’m not familiar with the plugin but it *should* output a class to the wordpress so that you can style those pages specifically. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

    So there isn’t anything to really grab onto to only style those plugin’s pages. I would suggest looking into their documentation to see if you can use page templates with a specific naming convention to define your own php template file to format them a bit.




    Thanks Devin,

    I was able to make an idx.php template based off the page.php (well, pretty much just copied and pasted the entire page.php to make the new template and added /*Template Name: IDX Pages*/ to the top) and was able to set that as the default for any of the dynamically created IDX pages. My issue now is that NOTHING is showing up on the sidebar. Is this because I copied everything from the page.php and brought it into the child theme and I needed to change a few more things around to get it to function correctly? I also included the loop-page.php in the includes folder of the child theme.


    Thanks so much for your help!




    Please try to duplicate the sidebar.php on the child theme. Let us know if the sidebar works.




    Hmmm, it didn’t seem to fix it.

    http://test.curlyhost.com/homes-for-sale-search/ (all of the pages in the very top menu are using the idx.php template now)

    I cleared my cache just to be sure.

    I can give login info if that would help.


    As long as you have:

    //get the sidebar
    $avia_config['currently_viewing'] = 'page';


    still in the your new template it should work. If you can post your new template page copy on pastebin or something like that we can take a look.


    Here’s the page template:


    And here are the pages that I have in my child theme:



    Theme Functions




    IDX Pages Page Template









    Do you have that page set to show a sidebar in the options for it? Do you also have any widgets in your display everywhere/page sidebar widget areas?


    Yes, both in the display everywhere and in the sidebar pages area.



    I tried this on my end using a child theme and the sidebar shows properly. When editing a page with the idx template, did you properly select the Sidebar on Layout options on the lower right of the editor?

    Note: The Advance Layout Editor will not work when using this IDX template. Please switch to Default Editor.




    I am SOOO sorry. The one widget I HAD placed in there as a test to see if something would pop up was the culprit. When I put a bunch of widgets in the page sidebar, it worked. I guess the IDX plugin didn’t like having one of their widgets on one of their pages and it nixed it automatically. Again, sorry for the extra work on your part.

    Thanks so much for your help!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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