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    In my website I have this CSS for “a” and “a:hover”

    .main_color a {
    color: #e4734a;
    .main_color a:hover {
    color: #e4734a;

    I’d like to have an other behavior in a part of my text. In fact, I want the text to be in this color #666666 (grey) and the hovered link in this color #e4734a (orange). I have used the options of the text bloc avia builder to change color of this part of text. My text is grey on “a” (so it’s ok) but it’s always grey on hovered link (and I want it orange). How can I do this please ?

    I word in local mode so I can’t send you give you an URL of my page.

    Thanks for your help !


    Any idea please ?
    I have this html in my bloc text avia builder :
    <a style="text-align: right;color: #666666;" title="Arbre de Noël CE" href="http://localhost/wordpress/arbre-de-noel-ce/">Arbre de Noël CE</a>
    the text is grey. But when I put my mouse over, I’d like to have this text in orange (#e4734a). I think that I should use “onmouseover” but it doesn’t work…

    Can you help me in the syntaxe please ?



    Please try following code

    .main_color a:hover, .alternate_color a:hover { color: #e4734a !important; }



    Thanks Yigit ! You’re the best !



    You are welcome Franck, glad we could help! Have a nice weekend!

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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