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    @Rikard as you requested a new topic

    In another website I had a ‘ speciale kop’ element including text in the subheading. I changed the heading but the element completeley disappeared from my page after saving the page. So this is not reproduceable.

    But in another I can show you, details send via private link

    In my website I use ‘Speciale Kop’ (Special Heading). In the past I was able to add in this item a subheading, either on top or below the heading.

    In enclosed example I used this element. I did not use the subheading in this specific example, but you’ll see, that when you change the heading, save the element… and then (even after not saving the page yet) when you open the element ‘speciale kop’ again… the option of subheading completely has disappeared. Also adding a new element ‘ speciale kop’ is not helping out, it simply does not exist..

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    Hey Janny,

    Sorry for the problem. Please try to copy the files in private to /enfold/lang/, that should solve this problem. Make sure that you extract the file on your local computer first, then copy the .po and .mo files into the lang folder.

    Best regards,


    Which files should I copy? The complete wordpress website?

    I am not a programmer nor do I have technical experience in this. I do not understand what you mean to be honest and I do have various website with special headings…
    The element ‘special heading’ worked in the past… Can’t you offer an easier and more user friendly solution for me?
    I noticed that I can change, save and find the option of subheading again. However, when I choose ‘modern, no line (left)’ for the subheading, it aligns the heading and subheading to the right…

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    Hi Janny,

    If you want to do it yourself, then please download the zip file that I linked to in my previous reply. After that you need to extract the file on your local computer, in the extracted file is a folder with two files, a .po and a .mo file. They should be copied into the lang folder which is located in the root of the theme folder. If this is something that you can’t handle yourself, then please include FTP login details in private so that we can do it for you.

    Best regards,

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