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    Hi there – while using parallax images I just found out that the ‘special headline’ element does not offer a ‘to the left’ adjustment.
    Did I miss something or is there a specific reason why? any idea how I could achieve that?
    My goal is to have the a headline alternating on the left and on the right side… depending on the image layout of the color section…

    thanks in advance


    Hi aovivo!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    Can you please provide a link to the actual page with the issue? A screenshot will help. You can actually modify the special heading element via css. Use this:

    body .av-special-heading .av-special-heading-tag {
    float: right;

    Refer to this link on how to add a custom css class:


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    Please go to Enfold theme options > Header > Header Size and set it to “custom pixel value” and increase the height. Logo size will adapt automatically

    Best regards,


    Thanks Yigit,
    unfortunately, I can only choose a max. height of 300px from the menu. But, my logo height is 760px. I read somewhere, that this value could be altered somewhere in a file, just dont know where. or would a custom css do the math?
    Also – would the new values also effect the transparent Logo automatically?



    I’m not so sure how a 760px tall logo will look on a website. Isn’t it weird to see just the header on a whole screen? Can you please provide a screenshot on how you want the header to look like?

    Best regards,


    Hey ismael, sorry you are right. For some reason the choice from the custom pixel field did not work – it always displyed a tiny logo. I have blown it uo to 250px – and its ok… yeah, and I did not take into count that the header with menu is part of the logo section – but it looked weird with that big header container… I just wonder it there is an option to put the logo into a container below the main header… – like a second frame below…i guess not…

    for not I am set. thanks for the quick response… even on a weekends day! next beer is on me!
    my best regards



    There is no default option to place the logo below the main header but you can hide the default logo using css. Use the advance layout builder to add the logo with the Image element. You can save it as template then apply it on all pages. Might not be feasible if you have thousands of pages to work with.

    Best regards,

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