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    Amazing theme!

    Few question, If I may::

    1. How can I use special heading with a line, like in here:

    2. Also, how can I position the Special Heading in center?

    3. Can I use the portfolio grid for Pages in a certain category, instead of Portfolios?

    And, other issues:

    1. When trying to edit a horizontal line, the menu appears only after ~4 seconds. It’s a been confusing, maybe you should show a loading animation..? (just trying to help)

    2. When should the RTL version be released? I saw it on the theme roadmap.

    Thanks again,



    Hi Eran,

    1) The special heading with line is just the special heading element. The line gets added in automatically. Just make sure you are choosing the default style for the heading style.

    2) For right now there is no option to put the heading in the middle with a line.

    3) No, the grid is only available for Posts, Portfolio items or custom taxonomies. Pages aren’t an option for the element right now.

    The modal window pop delay is a combination of either a slower connection or low php memory for your WordPress installation. You can try increasing the memory limit to help:

    I don’t have any news on the RTL version right now but I believe the next big launch for Kriesi is an updated and support forums update.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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