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    Hey Kriesi folks,

    Wanting to have a clients website to be of low profile I opted for only loading the used elements. But then even the special heading goes away. In which way is this such a special fancy element? Isn’t it just markup?
    Anyways. The real question is: How can I make Enfold recognize the special heading as “used” element? Since I clearly use it, but with this setting it is not loaded publicly and I get the admin warning that it’s deactivated in the settings when viewing the page logged in.

    Speaking of that:
    On which list of ALB elements can I count to be recognized by enfold when used, so the setting “only actually used elements” would be working then?
    Which Elements will be disregarded / not recognized?

    Thanks a lot!


    Hey eee_lala,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    As the option says, it will load elements that are actually added in the page and will remove or disable those that are not in used. The Special Heading element should be showing in the page because it was added in the builder. Please try to deactivate the plugins temporarily, see if one of them is causing the issue. You could also try to remove the special heading element from the page and add a new one.

    Best regards,


    Hey Ismael and thanks for getting back on this.
    Please take my question in this way: It did not not work simply. :)

    Since my problem is solved now by duplicating the element, saving the page and then switching the setting until it worked, you could investigate this further so that the function is provided as described ;)

    Best regards



    Thank you for the update.

    Did you install a cache plugin? It is possible that you are checking a cached version of the page with the old scripts, or settings. Where can we see the issue?

    Best regards,


    For the time being the project is not cached in any way.
    I tried it with JS and CSS minified and without, that did not solve the problem.
    As soon as “Only needed elements” was chosen, the special heading disappeared from the front page.

    (Sort of) following your recommendation I duplicated the item an reloaded. Then both stayed visible when switching to “only needed elements”.
    So I discarded the copied element, switched to “only needed” again and it finally worked as expected.

    Nothing else was changed: No plugin mumbo jumbo, no updates.

    Hope it helps!



    That is kind of odd, but thank you for the info. It is possible that the element state or the elements that are supposed to be enabled, is not perfectly synced with the elements that are actually added in the site, so doing what you did, removing and adding the element back again made it worked. The theme checks for enabled elements when you update a post.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


    Okay, so it stays mysterious for now, since the bespoken front page did not change in months, just the Enfold version did. It needed some “kicking” :D

    My rather general view on this is due to the fact that my projects use many of the sparkly Enfold elements also on very sub pages that I will now have to check. Otherwise the elements on these pages would be just “gone” when switching to only needed and destroy layout and usability of the articles.

    Nevertheless: front page symptom is cured now. That’s what this was about.

    So thank you!


    Checked some pages, it is like I said. Elements are missing and I have to update the pages and posts so the elements appear.
    This is a very much unwanted behaviour that I would describe as most annoying.

    Is there a way to ‘just update’ all posts?



    Thank you for the info.

    According to one of our developers, editing the config-templatebuilder\avia-template-builder\php\element-manager.class.php — exec_version_update() function will force the theme to rebuild the element index. We need to edit line 19..

    const VERSION = '1.0.1';

    .. and replace the value of the VERSION constant with




    So this will solve my problem site wide without digging through everything by hand?
    And you would have one “not-so-expensive” fix in the changelog?
    Could all of it turn out THIS good?





    Yes, hopefully this will initiate a rebuild of the index and include all of the shortcodes or elements that are actually added in the pages or across the site, without updating the pages manually as you did previously.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


    Been there.
    Done that.
    No obvious problems, may that stay this way!
    (It usually does with enfold, don’t worry :))

    Grateful greetings and see you around!


    Update: It did not work. Client informed me, that the Masonry Gallery was held back on another page, I had to activate it by saving the page once again. Like I will have to do on every single other page in this project now, Like a moron with too much spare time.
    If the client finds another missing element, it will be embarrassing for me, if they find more, my competence is at question.

    Heartfelt thanks for this task.


    Just FIY: I have around 10 clients with enfold, plus my own projects, which for the time being can not trust to roll out as planned. Splendid.


    Anyway… how can it be that in logged in mode there is an element ON THIS PAGE declared as “not shown” depending on the setting in “performance”, when there is the setting “only used elements”?
    The warning can only be there because it IS used and the setting is exactly right?
    Smells like a logic error somewhere, or a collision of some sort in the code.
    Please fix it.



    Might it be a caching issue? Does it work correctly when the cache plugin is disabled? Just to be safe, you might have to temporarily disable the Load only used elements option until we find the actual cause of the issue. Is there a staging or development version of the site?

    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,

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