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    Hey guys!
    I am wondering how you did half your text in bold on your restaurant demo theme?
    I’d like to apply that same technique if possible.

    I can change the css to make all special headings bold, but not sure how to just make a couple words, in one heading, that way.


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    Hi twenty1design ;
    To have a bold (stronger) character you can use “strong” element.

    The title in the slider is this :

    Welcome to <strong>Enfold Restaurant</strong>

    Welcome to Enfold Restaurant

    In your custom css you can change also the weight of this element by changing the value below :

    strong{font-weight: 600;}
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    Please see @begrafiks post above

    thanks :)



    Thanks for that. I should have clarified-
    I already understand the < strong > concept, but I have no idea where I would place that html code!

    It seems so basic, but there is no html editing capabilities in the advanced layout builder is there?



    You can use it in element as shown in the screenshot –

    Best regards,


    OH MY!
    Hahaha! That is so cool and changes SO much about what I have been doing!
    I thought I knew Enfold pretty well, but it turns out I am a dink.

    Thanks a million!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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