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    Hi desong22!

    Thanks a lot for letting us know.
    Would it be easy to block the IPs’ that send spam to you?
    Can you try that?

    Let us know



    Not really that practical considering and getting at least one new one everyday :-/

    Everything was fine before…



    Did you try using a security plugin? Please post admin login details in private if you should need any further help.

    Best regards,


    Having the same issues as of a couple of days ago. Can you please share the solution?


    No solution as of yet, might have to use a plug-in, which I’m reluctant to do as it can slow things down or cause conflicts since WP now automatically do the updates for you. Not an ideal situation. All was working so well up to this point…


    One of my client sites using Enfold has suddenly started getting about a spam email a day after not having any issues for last 2 years at all. And was utilizing a security plugin. After updating everything and yet receiving another spam message (all in Russian fyi) I moved the site behind a paid website firewall and still receive another spam message yet today. Something is definitely up.



    Thanks for all your posts. I’m failing to see the connection with our product though?

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard, I’m having the same problem, almost 50 spam email per day, all from the form in the homepage here.
    A couple of days ago I added the captcha but nothing changed.
    One important thing I noticed is that the spam messages are arrived despite the Privacy Policy was not checked! It was set to false!!

    Take a look here:
    email spam example, with Privacy policy checkbox set to false
    Hope this information can help you to investigate.

    All on my website is updated (WordPress, Enfold, Plugin, ecc)


    any suggestion? I’m full of spam messages here…. :(


    Hi guys,

    I’ve just install a new spam plug-in and I’ll update here in a week’s time to see if that’s worked.



    Great, let us know how you get on with it :-)

    Best regards,


    @rikard: is there any bug in mailer.php o somewhere else in the latest theme update? I’m continuing to receive email spam… I ‘ve never had spam problem with Enfold form module…


    Hi guys, just thought I’d update everyone about the spam plug-in that I installed last week. Now I know it’s only been a few days, but I know how frustrating it is if you’re getting spam daily, so just wanted you to know that since installing Spam Protection by CleanTalk, I’ve not had a single spam getting through!

    So at least as a short term solution until Enfold theme is better equipped, this free plug in seems to have do the job very well.


    thanks for your feedback: my question is: are you still using Enfold forms with this plugin?


    yes – I changed nothing other than installing the plug-in.


    ok thanks. you mean this one ?


    Yeah that’s the one. Hope it works for you too…


    I’ve been dealing with spam emails for almost one year. Hackers are now using our site to send spam to other seedy spam sites around the world. I had to get rid of the contact form entirely, not optimal in my view. This hacking business has gotten way out of hand. I now have 3 security plugins securing the website, in a small town for a small business. Security is now a dream. WordPress is entirely hackable and a target for criminal minded idiots.



    Thanks for sharing your findings @desong22 :-)

    @photoviews7, I’ve worked with WordPress for over 5 years and I maintain over 100 sites, and none of them have ever been hacked, so it’s not a WordPress problem. If someone has access to your site already then I don’t think any security plugin will help. You need to block their access first.

    Best regards,


    To be fair, since using the built-in captcha, I’ve never received any spam in the past couple of years using a form contact (i.e. never had to install plugin etc.). However, someone/some bot have obviously cracked this, hence the sudden influx of spam. I’m sure as developers you’ll find another solution to combat this in the future updates. Enfold is a much loved theme and it would be a shame if no progress is made after these reports.


    well said desong22!



    Thanks for the feedback, we’ll have a look to see if there is something we can do about this.

    Best regards,


    Having the same problem as well!



    Version 3.8.5 was released yesterday, please try updating to the latest version.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard. this morning I updated Enfold to the latest version as suggested, but unfortunately I just got another a new spam email that bypasses the acceptance of privacy (set to false). :(

    Nome e Cognome: TplayttoootymnYO
    E-Mail: (Email address hidden if logged out)
    Recapito telefonico: 84815566733

    Messaggio: #615615#

    Смотри тут Смотреть онлайн Жить здорово (23.01.2017) .
    И никакие всемогущие компьютеры РЅРµ РІ силах ему помочь.Однако, ….
    Accettazione della Privacy. Acconsento al trattamento dei dati nel rispetto nella normativa vigente.: false


    Hey guys did you discover if it’s a bug relatore to enfold or to wordpress? I’m continuing to receive spam messages…


    I think it’s related to enfold – I ended up changing my enfold theme forms to Contact 7 forms and haven’t received any spam through them so that was my temporary fix :P


    thanks for your feedback jofaber… Hope Enfold team is working on this big task.

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    The issue has been marked by Kriesi. This issue should be fixed in the future release of Enfold :)

    Best regards,

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