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    So, I’ve inserted a tracking pixel code inside the closing head tag on our header.php file and am getting extra space above my header. I also tried using a pixel tagging manager and got exactly the same results. How do I get this accomplished WITHOUT having extra space put above the header on every page?



    Could you please post a link to your website? I think that could be resolved using simple CSS :)



    Hi Yigit, thanks for the assistance.
    PS: I took out the header code for the meantime.

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    Could you please add it back and let us know then? We would need to see the issue to provide a solution :)

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    Okay, I just put it back.



    Please try adding following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme optios > General Styling

    body>img {
        display: none;

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    Worked perfectly. Thank you very much. What caused that? I never had that happen with tracking pixels or Google Tag Manager scripts before.



    It was inserted as IMG tag and was inheriting styles defined for img tagged elements so it was causing extra space :)

    You are welcome! Let us know if you have any other questions or issues and enjoy your weekend!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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