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    Hi I have very specific question and I would be grateful for your help.
    I have photos from Conference which took a place for 4 days and + 2 afterparties. So basically it is one conference but too many images to put it to one gallery, people will just get overwhelmed.
    Therefore I am wondering if it is possible to sort these images in one gallery by something I set. For example Day 1, Afterparty 1, Day 2, VIP Afterparty, Day 3 etc…

    The point I am wondering to do is that people will have all the photos on same page but they can filter out just those from specific day they want to see.

    Thank you very much for you support.
    Looking in advance,
    Matej Ondrejka


    Hey Matej Ondrejka,

    You can use several galleries on the same page, like the gallery below

    Best regards,


    Hi thanks, for reply.
    Would you mind sharing the names of galleries you mean? The one you postet is not what I am lookking for because that just image 1by1 preview. I am looking for gallery the same as Masonary Gallery but with the feature to live filter what pictures from what tags or categories are showing up.

    Thanks for reply,
    Matej Ondrejka



    That is the screenshot of an “Easy Slider” element. You can also use the “Gallery” element but you can’t filter items based on a category or anything so you have to create multiple galleries in one page.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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