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    I’m trying to create a sortable gallery with masonry but i don’t need each image to go to it’s own page, i just need to to open in a light box. Since I’m using images and not entires, I don’t see a way to sort the images. This is essential for this client. Is this possible?

    I love your theme. It’s the 3rd version of Enfold I’ve purchased. I’m hopeful there’s a workaround here.



    Hi vidaelf!

    You can edit your gallery and drag images to put in correct order.
    EDIT: Figured out you are using Masonry element and not gallery, please see –

    Best regards,

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    I know I can order them, but I’m hoping to sort them somehow so the user can choose a category, by tags or whatever method would be best.

    It will be for a food stylist’s portfolio of images and videos, so i’ll need to organizes the images. for example- all, packaging, editorial, covers, etc..

    i’d like to use the masonry style, but again, i don’t need images to go to a page, just to open in a lightbox. there might be video as well, which i’d also like to open in a lightbox.

    is this possible?


    OK so it seems I can use the masonry on posts, but not portfolio items.

    Portfolio items offers the custom url field so it will open in a lightbox, but does not offer category based sorting features.

    Posts offer sorting features but no custom url field.

    I could use the full width portfolio grid option, but I love how the large gap looks with the masonry. is there a way to mimic that? and to have it expand to the width of the page rather than having to pick the number of columns? the look of the gap is the biggest thing. i can deal with the columns.

    i tried this but it didn’t work:

    #top .grid-entry.no_margin.av_one_third {
    width: 33.3%;
    padding: 10px;




    In the Masonry shortcode settings the first option lets you choose which entries to use. Select the “Portfolio Entries” to choose which portfolio categories you wish to display.


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