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    Some thoughts on the new Parallax behavior features.
    I find it very successful as long as you use it for larger screen widths. The setting “Disable Mobile CSS Animations” should not only affect mobile devices but also smaller screen sizes. Or you can set the ALB so that for the smaller screen sizes the default value is not set in the desktop view. I think that “none” is set as default until you actively change it. At least it should be so below 768px.
    The same should be true for the Column Position – here even the “initial” option is missing. Because to move the position in narrow screen to the extent as in desktop is usually not so nice. – Or how do you see that?
    Look to your demo on small devices – there are then larger gaps in the layout


    Hey Guenter,

    A first response:

    The basic implementation for responsive in enfold is that you have a setting with no media query (description is desktop – no media query) either in css files or set in options and then media queries that override the desktop setting.

    I think this is also a historical reason because responsive was added later.

    Changing this will certainly break many sites.

    But I agree – there is missing an option with a media query for large screens only (wider than 990px).

    This would allow:

    • set a custom default value for all sizes (and override theme setting)
    • set a custom value for each of the 4 devices independently, if not set the custom default value for all sizes or theme default is used

    I will think about it a little more.

    This can also be used for font sizes and other responsive settings

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the interim report. The backwards compatibility makes sense to me.
    But especially with the column/image position should be at least as a selection “use theme default” with it. In order not to have to set also still all values and not inherited over the first setting. Default value could stay at “use desktop setting”. Same with parallax setting – if there was as second choice “none” and default is “use desktop setting”


    PS: what about the new feature : “Typography Input Fields” – what happens to the entered values on the screen width options.

    is the first value inherited to the others too?



    Yes, this is the default implementation.

    You can check in the post css files.

    Create a page with e.g. textblock and set the font sizes. You will see “default” font is without media query and then come the responsive media queries for the font sizes.

    Best regards,

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