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    Hi, just purchased this theme & playing around with it.

    Some questions…

    1. How can I add tags to portfolio items?

    2. Is it possible to use Contact Forms inside Tabs/Accordions?

    3. Is it possible to add Enfold Google Maps Widget to pages?

    4. For portfolio categories, is it possible to use images showing as icons instead of just text?

    For the above question 2 & 3, if not possible, than I guess the only work about way is to install plugins?


    1) This requires some theme file mods – we’ll add them and include this feature in the next theme update. I already added them on my test server.

    2) Yes, but it requires a bit of a work around. I made a short video:

    3) No, I’d suggest to use a simple iframe – i.e. use a service like:

    4) No, unfortunately that’s not possible.


    3. Really ??? Create a Sidebar “Map Page 1” and add this sidebar with the content element “sidebar” on your page, works for me…



    Re 3) I think he wants to embed the widget into the page content (eg toggles, etc.) and not into the sidebar…

    Best regards,



    ahh… ok



    huanhui if you need additional help just let us know.




    Hello !

    How about tags in the portfolio items ?

    Still waiting for next upadate or ?





    It is already possible to add tags to portfolio items. Please update to Enfold 2.0.1.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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