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    Some images are not displaying in the demo install – just blank space instead of images, such as those beside Feature A, B and C on this page:

    However the image itself is uploaded and works for example Feature A, if I right click the blank space where the image should be does show it at And if I temporarily remove the class on that image it shows the thumb on the page, so it seems to be to do with the class or scripts perhaps.

    I’ve checked permissions with my host company and everything is in order they say. All plugins disabled. WordPress at latest version. I reinstalled latest theme version today also. Also tried regenerating thumbnail plugin. but no change with any of these.

    Please advise. Thanks.


    Hi emeraldwave!

    Not sure what was going on there. I deleted it and added it back in and saved and it’s working fine now.



    Hi Elliott,
    It still doesn’t seem to be loading for me – the 3 featured images at are still blank spaces. I have tried 3 different browsers and deleted browser cache. Strangely a featured image on the homepage (Mobile Ready section) that was not showing is now working, but similar images on this landing page still shows as blank.
    Please advise again – thanks!



    Sometimes things go wrong with importing unfortunately, I tried deleting the first image and adding it again and it’s displaying as it should now.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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