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    If there is little or noe content on a page the socket goes 540px high!

    Whats wrong? Im using child theme from here:


    Hi Merkur-Trykk,

    The theme doesn’t have a sticky footer (which is the effect where the footer stays at the bottom of the page). So when you don’t have enough content in the main body of a page, the footer and socket below it don’t stick to the bottom of your browser window and instead move up on the page.




    Is that by design in the default theme or in the Child theme I have I have used?

    Look at this:

    Are you sure the socket should be that big? Dont believe this has anything to do with sticky footers.

    I think there is something with the Child theme….


    If the page doesn’t have any content, the background will show. So if the background is the same color as the socket div then it will appear as though the socket is very large.


    Hmmm….if I put some stuff on the page the socket gets smaller, but I really need more stuff than wnated to get the socket in its normal height.

    What do mean background? The background of the page is white, the footer is gray and the socket is dark gray.



    Try this on your custom.css

    background-color: red;

    Leave a page without content and display the socket without the footer. You’ll see what Devin is trying to say. You need to push the socket with contents.




    Thanks for clearing out.

    So if there is little content one have to put some blank stuff.

    Can I ask why no sticky footer?



    Sticky footers tends to break the responsiveness of the site. There are certain techniques that you can use to make a sticky footer. You might want to look into that. It means breaking the default layout of the theme though. In my honest opinion, who needs a blank page anyway?




    Well the problem is that the pages are not blank. They make up about 400px and that is not enough for the socket to get its intended size. I feel this is a bug that needs to get sorted out. The pages look weird….

    I han insert blank space off course, but that is a stupid solution.



    Maybe, this’ll help.

    .responsive .container .twelve.units {
    width: 1030px;
    min-height: 600px;

    Container will have a minimum of 600px height.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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