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    Almost all feedback I am receiving from various articles written lately points to having the Social Media icons on the top right side of the screen. It does not appear that any of the header selections gives us that option. Is there a way to accomplish that by switching the location of the Social Icons from left to right and the free text area would be moved to the left?

    Also, on your demo on an iphone in vertical position, the menu shows the small box on the right to click to view the menu and the main menu disappears. I tried that on my installed website on my iphone and I get both menu’s showing up (actual menu + mobile menu). How do I eliminate the large menu from showing up and only keep the mobile menu to show?

    Thank you


    You can change the position with following css code – insert it into the quick css field:

    #top .social_bookmarks {
    float: right;

    .sub_menu {
    left: 0;

    2) I’m not sure if this is easily possible. I marked this question for Kriesi.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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