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    For some reason i have social media icons at the top centre of some of my pages in the main content area (not in the header), i can not find work out how to remove them.

    Also my google map works in desktop and tablet form but on a mobile view it is showing in the wrong area of the map. how can I change this?

    Many thanks.


    to add – the socal icons so not show when I’m in editor, just when I view site. Site isn’t live yet.


    HELP! :-)



    Can you post a screenshot? also can you try to inspect it with google web inspector when you do the screenshot.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the reply. How do i inspect with Google web inspector?

    and how do i attach a photo?

    Sorry I’m useless



    If you’re using Google Chrome, just right click on the social media icon and click Inspect Element. After getting a screenshot, just upload it on and post the link here :)

    Best regards,


    Im not sure if I’m photographed the right thing? I don’t know how to screen shot on this laptop…,25aXbXz,NJLNJ7A


    I’m learning….


    Also How do i have the menu so that the item on the menu (that you click to drop down) isn’t a page?

    for example Therapies (not a page)
    – Osteopathy
    – Reflexlogy



    Nice! you’re getting better each screenshot :)

    You can use custom link for that and just add # as the url. As for the social icon, is that for the layout builder? The social icons on header doesn’t look like that, to enable the social icons in the header, go to Enfold > Header > Extra Elements (tab) > Header Social Icons (then choose an area to display). Then go to Enfold > Social Profiles > then set the social icons that you want to display there. Hope this helps :)

    Best regards,



    I don’t quite understand. I have the social icons in the header set up how I want them. I just have these too at the top of the main page and can not work out how to get rid of them?


    If i click on the facebook icon this comes up.


    Hi Nealrach,

    This means you clicked on the share button form the post. It the header are the links to your pages on social networks.

    Best regards,


    I understand that but how do I get rid of them from the top of the pages? They don’t show when I’m in editor.

    Also I don’t understand the reply my question about menu’s.

    How do I make the name in the main menu not a page?

    eg – Therapies – no page/link
    – OSteopathy
    – relexology

    Thank you


    Can you add a screenshot of the page while in the builder, this is how the social share element looks in the builder:

    Best regards,


    The Elementor Builder should not be used with Enfold, it must have added code that is similar to our social icon element code.

    Best regards,


    oh, I didn’t know that. Can i change which editor I use with problems?


    The builder that is built into Enfold, Advanced Layout Builder (ALB) uses many custom codes (shortcodes) that are always activate whether you are using the ALB or not, using other builders may accidentally trigger these causing undesired effects, such as in your case. I imagine anything your want to build with Elementor can be done with ALB, and more. We are always happy to help you achieve your goals, feel free to open a new ticket should you need assistance with using the ALB.
    As for your current page, please disable Elementor and try to start a new page using the ALB, and you should find that the undesired social icons will not be there.

    Best regards,

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