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    Dear reader,
    I would like to use the following social incons in the footer of every page and post.
    I went to the Enfold settings and have selected the box Social Icons underneath the topic FOOTER.

    Futhermore I have enter my social profiles unterneath the topic YOUR SOCIAL PROFILES.

    Now I am using a plugin to have social icons displayed but I prefer the one available within the theme Enfold.
    But as an example please see my current icons and let me know if it’s possible to have to icons displayed as shown.

    Side not, does have Enfold the possiblity to have the incons set in the footer the following;
    Email (contact us), Facebook, Instagram, You Tube

    Thanks :-)


    i have this same question and also i want to add the comment box at the botton of avery post. help please. Do you have tutorials bout this topic?



    @yondisney please create a new ticket so we can help you without mixing up the issues :)

    After setting up the social icons please enable social icons in enfold > footer
    The icons are now showing in the footer.



    Thanks for the shared knowledge, but the social icons will now be displayed in the socket.
    As mentiond I would like to have this social incon buttons in the footer.
    Can you please have a second look, as explained, currently I am using a plugin to have the icons displayed in the footer.
    I would like to know how I can create a social incons within the footer by using the default layout – set in Enfold.



    Please add the code i posted in private content field into a text widget and then add following code to Quick CSS

    .widget .social_bookmarks li { clear: none !important; }

    Best regards,


    Great support :-)
    Issue solved.



    Glad we could help :-)

    Best regards,


    Some great support had been provided, but I would like to add Twitter.
    How can I establish that?
    Also I would like to change order into.
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram
    4. Youtube



    Please change your code to following one

    Best regards,


    Thanks, for the great support :-)



    Glad we could help :) We have put together some info about enfold theme please feel free to check it out here –

    Vinay Kashyap


    Sorry, I’m a beginner on Enfold.
    I am looking for how to place my Facebook icon in the footer (not the socket). I activated what is needed in the options of the theme (in the footer tabs and social profiles). From what I’ve seen, I have to add a code in my widget and CSS in general style, but everything I’ve tried does not work.
    Should I dowloader the fonte entypo-fontello or is it already integrated into the theme, for me it is not clear. Is that the problem?
    Thank you,


    Hi @doboon,

    Can you try the solution presented in this thread:
    Or this one:

    If you need further help, please open a new thread so that you can send private data that is only visible to the staff. If you add private data to this thread, the creator of the thread can also see it.

    Best regards,


    Hi please can you give me the code to add social buttons (icons) in a widget of the footer area (not thw socket!)?



    You can now use pages as footer :) Please create a page and set it as your footer in Enfold theme options > Footer.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Maya,

    Please make sure that your pages is published and not private. If that does not help, please start a thread under Enfold sub forum and attach temporary admin logins in private content field so we can look into it.

    Best regards,

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