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    Hi Everyone

    I updated my theme today however I have lost the anchor text for the social media links at the top how can I fix this?

    Many Thanks


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    Can anyone else help? surely its not just me with the issue?


    anchor text that describes the link’s destination is also missing on the page your currently viewing.

    eg: Visiting homepage the ancor text on the “home” menu button disappears, if i then go to blog the same happens to the blog menu button.

    Any help would be grateful, its a fantastic theme.



    Can you please give us a link to your website? Please re-create the social buttons on Enfold > Header > Social Icons. Remove all of them then add them again.



    I have tried what you asked, not resolved it.

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    The active menu item also looses its anchor text.


    Just checked and I am actually not sure what exactly you mean.
    I can see that the soical icons dont show a title or alt tag, but they never did in the first place.
    The title tag on all other main menu links seems to appear fine for me?

    Are we really talkin about an “alt” tag here? Since alt tag is according to the specifications reserved for image elments only:



    Its not the menu causing this issue, its the back to top icon as it doesn’t contain a title. I have removed this line; temporarily so I can get the site hosted at uni.
    <a href='#top' id='scroll-top-link' <?php echo av_icon_string( 'scrolltop' ); ?>></a>
    Is there a way of adding to this line so that the title is dynamically added dependent on the page your on?

    <a title="<page title here>" href='#top' id='scroll-top-link' <?php echo av_icon_string( 'scrolltop' ); ?>></a>

    I don’t want to loose this functionality really.

    Can you advise me on how to add title’s to the social media links even if very generic eg: title=”facebook” title=”twitter”?

    Leave this with me for a day or so I’m having issues again since updating to 2.4.1

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    I see. will add a title to the social icons and the scroll to top link with the next update ;)


    I have added it to mine and all validates and has all links correctly. I have however had to remove the social icons any chance you could run me through where to add the code ?


    In includes/helper-social-media.php line 73 you can add add a title by changing it to this:


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