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    How im I able to add the Social links that I have in the header in the socket to page / content?
    Im not after an Social Sharing button that is in the editor already. Is there an Social media links button in the editor?

    Or there an easy and clean way to this add this to my content? So it works like the social links in the header “not social sharing buttons”

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    Hi Alexander!

    There is an element / shortcode for that called “Social Share Buttons”.

    You can also assign your social links in Dashboard > Enfold > Footer to display in the socket.



    Hi @Elliot,

    Sorry but that function dont have the instagram button.
    Its not about social share but is about social links.
    Would like to add the once I have in my header to my contact page.
    Does enfold have that element / shortcode :-)

    Have a look on the site / page and you will see what I mean. “I hope” :-P



    There isn’t a shortcode for the header social links but if you want them to display in your socket container then you can assign them there in Dashboard > Enfold > Footer.


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    Thanks @Elliott

    Going add this links manually then with use of icon element then,
    You can close this support ticket.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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