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    In the Enfold menu you can make changes to header/ footer/general setting etc
    Within the tab “Header” you can fill out the social references for the social buttons that show up in your header
    For mail, linkedin, twitter etc it works fine. However, if you select Skype and you fill your Skype Name, it generates an error. it tries to open a webpage referring to my Skype Name. Of course that is inpossible. it should start Skype [i think] likewise the email button, starts my Email client.

    So what is the issue / intend of this button option and how to use it?


    Hi hgroen!

    The social icons do not support “skype calls” like the official skype buttons (which use javascript to start the skype app). You can just use them to link to websites/profiles (i.e. to a public skype profile page if such a webpage exists). I’m not familiar with skype though and maybe the icon doesn’t make much sense for this service (yet).

    Edit: I found this article: – you can try to insert a link which doesn’t use the http:// protocol but which uses the skype suffix like


    Best regards,


    thanks for your quick reply. In that way, it doesnt make much sense, as there is no such webpage which displays public skype adresses. It is a chat service. You need to have an account, log in and within the service you can find adresses.

    So i will switch it off. thanks anyway

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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