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    Do you think its a good idea to give a darkcolor for headers on a dark background??
    Happens in accordeon-slider and full-width-slider as default.

    There are so many issues and problems in Enfold and instead of fixing them you bloat up your theme with more and more and more gimmicks and more and more and more issues.
    This is annoying, makes your customers lose time and money.
    Your theme has been once very good – but now it becomes more and more like Avada – and thats a pitty.


    Hey OttoPf,

    Thank you for your feedback. Sorry that you are having a hard time with Enfold.

    Could you please attach some screenshots of the issue?

    Could you please give us a link to your website, we need more context to be able to help you.

    Best regards,


    So you dont know your theme?
    You dont know how a standard/default accordeon slider looks like?
    That shows a very interesting aspect of your “support”.


    Hi OttoPf,

    I do not know the details of your installations and the styles you chose in the theme options, so I was asking you to provide more information on the issue at hand.

    If you just want to be grumpy and not solve the issue, no one can really help you. Sorry.

    Best regards,


    At least i have the chance to give ratings.
    Thanks for nothing



    If you want help then we need to see the problem in question.

    Best regards,


    You can see the problem in ANY fresh default WP Installation with Enfold.
    Just add “Accordeon Slider”


    Sorry for the late reply, when I test the Accordeon Slider on a clean install with no demos installed the default setting for the Caption Title Header for the Accordeon Slider is a dark overlay with white text.
    The same is true for the Enfold Default Demo
    and for the Enfold 2017 Demo
    So I’m not sure why you are getting a different result, but we are more than happy to help you adjust the colors to suit your needs.

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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