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    I’m using a plugin for tabs. As soon as i hit a tab it starts scrolling to top direction. If i disable line 88 in Enfold avia.js ($(‘a[href*=#]’, container).avia_smoothscroll(container);) it works but now i lost the smooth scrolling option. Is it possible to disable the smooth scrolling on certain buttons?


    Hi Dutchman!

    Try changing that line to:

    $(‘a[href*=#]’, container).not('.wpts_li_a').avia_smoothscroll(container);



    Hi Josue!
    As soon as i add this line i get a script error in Adobe Dreamweaver. Should i ignore it?


    Yeah, did you check if it worked?



    Hi Josue, yes it works but it disables the smooth scrolling and scroll back to top icon. I would like a combination of smooth scrolling and my tabs.
    Check this picture please : I would like the smooth scrolling to be active on the green selection of anchors but not on the red selection.



    I’m not seeing that on the link you posted.



    Can you apply the mod to avia.js so i can see it live?



    Hi Josue, i just did. The mod on line 88 in avia.js is active.


    Opened the file AVIA.JS in Adobe Dreamweaver and changed line 88 from
    $(‘a[href*=#]’, container).avia_smoothscroll(container);
    to Josue’s mod
    $(‘a[href*=#]’, container).not(‘.wpts_li_a’).avia_smoothscroll(container);
    Adobe gives me a script error. Then i noticed the typo in the mod. $(‘a[href*=#]’ and should be $(‘a[href*=#]’. The last character. You have to look very good to notice the difference. (at least i do) Uploaded the file. Problem solved!!!
    You guys are unbelievable wizards… Thanks!


    Great, you are welcome, glad to help :)


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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